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Gold leaf slimeHarga:32.000//100ccTexture: jellyBisa request warna slime clear // coloured clear
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Gold leaf slime Harga:32.000//100cc Texture: jelly Bisa request warna slime clear // coloured clear

September 2017
Colorful clear slimeHarga= 27.000 // 100ccBisa request warna + with essence (bisa request)Tekstur=pudding slimeClear, soft,creamy, glossy,strechy,Holdable,pudding,colorful clear
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Colorful clear slime Harga= 27.000 // 100cc Bisa request warna + with essence (bisa request) Tekstur=pudding slime Clear, soft,creamy, glossy,strechy, Holdable,pudding,colorful clear

September 2017
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